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Becoming a
CICM Missionary

Ambassadors for Christ
To The Six Continents

Go from your country to a land I will show you.
Genesis 12:1
Like Abraham, I too heard the promptings of God in the silence of my heart.
I left my country and home to proclaim God's love in other lands.

I have climbed mountains, crossed rivers and met people from different cultures.
I have learned to speak different languages, tasted various kinds of exotic food, and danced to different tunes.

Above all, I have discovered that God journeys with me.

All of us are invited to go on a journey
-- the inner journey of the spirit --
to find meaning in life.

We are all invited to discover God dwelling in our midst!
--Reflection of Peter Koh
on the occasion of his ordination as a CICM Missionary priest.
Church of Christ the King, Singapore.
21st May 1997
Father Peter Koh vocation storyThe influence of a missionary priest inflamed the heart and soul of Peter Koh to become a missionary himself.
Father Anthony Lim vocation storySimple, down-to-earth stories of missionaries which he read when he was an altar boy inspired Anthony Lim to become one of them.

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