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CICM Vision of Mission

CICM presence in Singapore has always been quite small while, at the same time, leaving its distinctive mark in the overall mission of the Archdiocese. Typical of CICM, the world over, is a vision of mission that leads to a life and work style in close contact with the local people, often at the sacrifice of not living together in community. Members all belong to the special family of CICM, people who, for a lifetime, leave their homeland and, like Abraham, "go for the land Yahweh God will show them".(Gen 12:1) They do not hold on to activities or parishes as if they belonged to CICM to have and to hold. Rather, they hand them over to the local Church and move on to new missionary challenges that may prevail. This has been true for CICM in Singapore in a special way, in that none of its members had Singapore as his first mission assignment. They were all experienced missionaries with a variety of talents. This may, perhaps, explain how a number of activities, now under the responsibility of the local clergy, were started under the inspiration of one or another member of CICM.

Presence in Singapore

As early as 1931, Scheut Missions bought a property at 24 Nassim Road. Apart from being a Procure for the CICM missions in China, the house served also as guest house for many friends, local and foreign. From this place were launched Hai Hsing Pau, the Chinese counterpart of The Catholic News, and a Religious Instruction Course later used by ACMA (Archdiocesan Commission for Missionary Activity); even Marriage Encounter was started from here. By 1988 the Nassim Road mansion had become inhabitable and was sold. The Procure moved to a nearby house at 11 Lady Hill Road. This, in turn, was sold in 1997 when Scheut Missions-CICM moved to an apartment in Pandan Valley.

Areas in which CICM lives its charism in Singapore

China Outreach

Faithful to the founder's concern for the evangelisation of the Chinese people, Scheut Missions - CICM wants to keep that same concern alive in the Christian communities of the Archdiocese. Together with CICM confreres and lay people in Taiwan and Hong Kong, we participate in a vast program of missionary work FOR China and, whenever possible, IN China as well.

Inter-religious Dialogue

Contacts and dialogue with persons of other religions enable us to listen respectfully to the whispering of God's Spirit in the religious experiences of others. Thus we are enriched by other traditions while trusting that our own Christian heritage can resonate with theirs. IRO membership is one channel.

Pastoral Care of Migrants and Seafarers

In line with God's own choice, CICM's preferential option goes toward the poor and powerless. The particular challenges offered by the situation in Singapore, also as a world port, assure that the work among foreign workers and seafarers enjoys the full support of Scheut Missions - CICM.

Missionary and Vocation Animation

CICM seeks to involve all baptised people to take up their own unique ministry in the building up of the Body of Christ by promoting local evangelisation, particularly through RCIA.

A co-founder and active member of ACMA, Scheut Missions - CICM wants to incarnate the universal dimension of the Church, constantly drawing the attention of the particular Churches to the needs of the Universal Church.

To this end, Scheut Missions Friends Committee organizes occasional talks on mission, and Missionhurst, the magazine of the US Province, is being distributed free of charge to parishes, schools, and many individual persons in Singapore and Malaysia.

Furthermore, CICM wants to be a channel through which Singapore Archdiocese can express its own special calling to be a missionary church. Therefore, it wants to challenge, invite and welcome young men to join CICM as ambassadors of Christ in foreign lands.



Father Richard QuintensRichard Quintens (1892 - 1959)

Father Jeroom DeblauweJeroom Deblauwe (1909 - 1978)

Father Marcel WilleMarcel Wille (1912 - 1979)

Bishop Van MelckebeckeBishop Carlo van Melckebeke (1898 - 1980)

Father SchotteAntoon Schotte (1905 - 1980)

Father Andy AltamiranoAndy Altamirano (1945 - 1999)

Father Frank DepoorterFrank Depoorter (1948 - 2004)

Father Balthazar ChangBalthazar Chang Chen Chung (1923 - 2005)

Father Louis FossionLouis Fossion (1914 - 2007)

Confreres Presently in Singapore

Kamelus Kamus (Indonesia o1964)

 Contact info for Father Kamelus Kamus

Father Angel LucianoAngel Luciano (Philippines o1946)

 Contact info for Father Angel Luciano

Father Charlie OasanCharlie Oasan (Philippines o1968)

  • Born in the Philippines. Missionary internship and Cantonese language studies in Hong Kong, followed by Mandarin language studies in Beijing 1998-2000.
  • In 2000 he was assigned to CICM work in Taiwan, including supervision of human development projects in China under the care of the Verbiest Foundation and related administrative responsibilities.
  • From 2006 to 2012 he was Parish priest of Holy Rosary church, a CICM parish in Taipei.
  • He joined the CICM group in Singapore in February 2013, with specific responsibility for ministry among the Chinese-speaking in Singapore, and was assigned by the Archbishop to OLPS Parish in Siglap where his knowledge of both Cantonese and Mandarin, aside from his native Tagalog, come in most handy.

 Contact info for Father Charlie Oasan

Robertus Sarwiseso, cicmRobertus Sarwiseso (Indonesia o1956)

 Contact info for Father Robertus Sarwiseso

Paul E. Staes, cicmPaul Staes (Belgium o1937)

 Contact info for Father Paul Staes

Father Romeo Yu ChangRomeo Yu Chang (Philippines o1961)

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Confreres who served in Singapore

Fr. Bert BrysBert Brys (Belgium o1925)

 Contact info for Father Bert Brys

Fr. Frans de RidderFrans De Ridder (Belgium o1940)

 Contact info for Father Frans De Ridder

Father Jean-Pierre BenitJean-Pierre Bénit (Belgium o1934)

He can be reached by e-mail at: jipebeni@gmail.com

Singaporean CICM Confreres Abroad

Father Peter KohPeter Koh (Singapore o1966)

He can be reached by e-mail at: peter.koh@cicmmissions.org

 Contact info for Father Peter Koh

  Fr. Peter Koh's vocation story

Father Anthony LimAnthony Lim (Singapore o1964)

He can be reached by e-mail at: alpleng3@yahoo.com

 Contact info for Father Anthony Lim

 Fr. Anthony Lim's vocation story 

These local men have responded to God's call. How about you?

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